Wooden Wicks

All of our traveler tin, cocktail glass, and showstopper candles are handmade using wooden wicks.  We chose to use wooden wicks over cotton wicks based on the many advantages cited below PLUS the fact they are simply more fun and engaging than your traditional cotton wick!

Advantages of Wooden Wicks

  • Environmental Consciousness - wooden wicks are all-natural and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mills.  In order to earn the FSC trademark mills must be independently inspected and evaluated to ensure strict environmental, social, and economic standards regarding the management of the forest are met.
  • Higher Quality Burn - wooden wicks burn more evenly and cleanly than cotton wicks and do not include the soot inducing tendencies of cotton wicks.
  • Increased Scent Throw - wooden wicks diffuse heat more rapidly than cotton wicks causing a 35% increase in fragrance throw.
  • Improved Ambiance - wooden wicks create a beautiful crackling sound as they burn!  In a survey of consumers, wooden wicks were preferred over cotton wicks and 96% of consumers found the crackle of the wooden wick to provide a calming effect.

Similar to the current market saturation of paraffin and soy wax candle options, cotton wicks are by far the dominant wick type on the market largely due to their longer history of use, greater accessibility, and cheaper production cost.  That being said, wooden wicks are the rising star of the candle industry due to the advantages cited above and shifting consumer preferences.  Our wooden wicks are certainly on trend and provide the consumer with a more fun and engaging candle experience!