Vessel Reuse Instructions

Once you have finished enjoying your candle you now have the opportunity to reuse your vessel by following the steps listed below.

Step 1 - Wax Removal

You may notice a small amount of wax left at the bottom of your vessel at the end of your burn.  This is the result of a safety feature specific to wooden wicks.  In order to dispose of the remaining wax you may use either the cold (freezer) or hot (oven) method.

Cold Method

Place your vessel in the freezer for 2-3 hours.  Once the wax has hardened you can remove the vessel from the freezer and take a butter knife to the top of the wax.  The frozen wax will either completely pop out with the butter knife or crack into 2 to 3 pieces for easy removal.  

Hot Method

Preheat your over to 215 degrees. Place your vessel in the oven and allow the wax to completely liquify (about 20 minutes).  Carefully remove vessel using hot pads and safely dispose of liquid wax in a trash can.  Allow glass to cool before moving on to Step 2.  

Step 2 - Sticker Removal (Wick Tab, Product Label, Warning Label)

Next, you will need to remove the sticker on the bottom of the vessel supporting the wick tab, the product label on the outside of the vessel, and the warning label on the bottom exterior of the vessel.  You should simply be able to peel all three off.  If you have any issues getting the stickers removed, isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) can be used to assist in sticker removal.

Step 3 - Vessel Cleaning

Finally, you will need to clean your vessel before using for other purposes.  First, apply soap and hot water to the vessel to completely clean the vessel inside and out.  If there still remains any wax hang up or sticker residue you may apply isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and clean the vessel thoroughly.  For your cocktail glass candles, following your thorough hand wash, run your glass through the dishwasher for one final cleaning.

Once you have completed the three steps above you are ready to reuse your vessel!