Company Profile

In February of 2021 an unprecedented snow storm ravaged Texas leaving many across the state without power for days.  During that time countless Texans turned to their household container candles for light, warmth, and a sense of comfort.  It is out of the depths of this natural disaster that the concept for Fire + Ice Candle Co. was born.

Fire + Ice Candle Co. is an Austin, Texas based company founded by Julie Walker.    Fire + Ice specializes in the production of coconut wax blend candles and wax melts, reed and car diffusers, room and body sprays, perfumes, and colognes.  All products are produced in small batches.  

The mission of Fire + Ice Candle Co. is to provide customers with luxurious wax infused with enticing fragrances in attractive and reusable containers.  We pride ourselves in creating high quality multi purpose candles that will become a regular fixture in your household.  

Thank you in advance for supporting a small, woman-owned business!