Coconut Wax

All of our candles are handmade in small batches using a high quality coconut wax blend.  Our unique blend contains all-natural coconut wax combined with small amounts of soy, apricot, sustainably sourced palm, and highly refined food grade paraffin wax.  We blend our coconut wax to further enhance scent throw, improve wicking, and to harden the naturally soft coconut wax in preparation for shipping during the hot summer months.

Advantages of Coconut Wax

  • Environmental Consciousness - made from a sustainable, easily renewable crop, coconut wax candles are the MOST eco-friendly on the market.

  • Higher Quality Burn - cleaner burn than the competition!  Coconut wax is non-toxic, smoke, and soot-free.

  • Superior Burn Times - through scientific testing coconut wax candles have displayed burn times 10-15% longer than soy wax providing greater return on your investment!

  • Excellent Scent Throw - coconut wax provides both a strong cold and hot throw for maximum enjoyment of your highly fragranced candle.

In a market saturated with paraffin and soy wax candle options, our coconut wax blend candles provide a unique and higher quality option to meet the demands of consumers looking for a more luxurious candle experience at prices comparable to other handmade candle producers.